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"What did she say, just wondering?"

"Mmmm, wouldn't you like to know," I smirked, deciding that telling Wesley Faith thought he was hot and really had wanted to sleep with him while she was in L.A. was probably a bad move on my part. Sure, it would've stroked his ego, but I didn't want there to be stroking. Of his ego. Unless it was by me.

You know what I mean.

I hoped everything I'd said about Spike had made some sorta sense to him, though, and not completely turned him off to the idea of talking to me. Really, I hadn't meant to bring it up, it had just sorta... happened.

"I didn't love Lilah. But I needed desperately to help her... to save her, and when I couldn't, it hurt me deeply. But she did give me credit for trying."

I nodded and didn't say anything since it looked like it was share-time with us. Before, when I'd asked Wesley to talk about exes, it had been like pulling teeth... so I was not about to interrupt him this time around.

"Fred... Fred I loved, but I have to wonder if it was as an idea, an ideal. What one can't have, and all that. And even when there was an 'us', it was gone in an eyeblink."

Again, me with the not talking. Although I filed that little bit of info away for later, since it was the first time he'd been that... well, open about Fred. And him.

"An exes conversation. Are you sure you don't need a drink?"

I pulled up from his arms and returned his smirk, thinking it over. See, normally I would've said 'no, thank-you-very-much, Buffy and drinking together? Not so much a good thing'... but I was figuring we'd had a tiny little breakthrough in talking and, well, us.

"Sure, sounds good," I said before pulling on a jacket and boots again to go out. I would just have to remember to be careful about how much I was going to drink was all. And I could so totally do that. No prob.

"Alright, so where to, Pryce? Better be a nice place, though, not some cheap dive with strippers or something... cuz I am so outta there if it is," I said with a grin on my face.

Yup. Drinks with Wesley. What could go wrong?

((Open to Wes))
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