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Going with it

"Uh... what about this Jackson? I mean what if he calls back? Could be important. We're on the run and everything. Do we honestly have time for this?"

"Before tomorrow afternoon? Sure."

I do admit that I was having more than a little fun making Buffy a little uncomfortable with my forwardness. Call it just a little payback for all the dismissiveness I'd put up with in Sunnydale years ago, if you must. I'd stop, though, if I thought she was really uncomfortable and not just in this flirtatious way.

A flutter of nerves seemed to go through her. Buffy paused, thinking, then responded with a wide, knowing smile.

"I see... You planning on breaking it? Just what did you have in mind, Pryce?"

"All sorts of things," I answered, "and better the bed than me, Summers. You're quite the handful, you know."

"Oh, and don't let me forget. I bought you a gift that should be ready in a few hours."

I laughed. "Plenty of time for one or two--"

Never did get the chance to finish that though, as apparently Buffy decided to go with whatever instincts seemed to be guiding us both and kissed me. I kissed her back quite happily, then in one move, stood, scooped her up and deposited her on the bed.

Glancing from Buffy to the table, I was struck by an idea. In the spirit of just going with it, I extracted one of the jelly-filled donuts, and squeezed some of the sweet filling onto my finger. Kneeling beside Buffy on the bed, I smeared a dark red line on her throat and down to her collarbone.

Leaning down, I put lips and tongue to work against her throat, a low "mmmmmm" vibrating against her skin.

((Open to Buffy))
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