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Taking Care of Business

I slept like that, in Wesley's arms with my clothes still on from the fight, and one of his arms around me. No dreams, which - still very good - and when I woke up, he was still asleep. Perfect.

I got the credit card account out that his dad had given him and called up the local specialty-weapons store I'd found in the phone book. There was some silence when I started giving out the specifications for what I wanted the cane to both look like, and also for what weapons I wanted it to have inside it, but eventually they gave me the price, I gave them the account number, and surprisingly? They said it would be done before the end of the night.

Giving myself a tiny pat on the back, I called up the bakery next door and found out they took credit cards too. I placed my order there and said I'd be by in about ten minutes.

I contemplated calling Giles to find out more about Post, or Wesley's dad to find out more period, but I didn't wanna jinx anything. If our phones could be bugged easily, then I didn't wanna have us have to move again so quickly.

I wrote out a little flow chart, though, trying to piece together what I knew. I kept looking at it over and over, knowing it fit together somehow, but the pieces weren't coming.


*Council re-forms with Franklin Post as the top guy, Roger Wyndam-Pryce is asked to join and refuses

*Wesley and everyone at W&H are attacked by robots, one of which looks like Roger and knows everything too

*Dana is discovered and on my orders, Andrew & some Slayers go to get get from L.A., but are attacked before returning to Rome - Dana's whereabouts are unknown

*Wesley says he placed a call for help about Fred to Giles - but Giles says he never got a call

*Big Battle in L.A., and the following are now missing: Angel, Spike, Illyria, Gunn

*Giles finds Wesley's location and sends me to bring him to the Council

*Wesley & I find the alley where the battle took place - its been 'cleaned', & we're attacked by the same robots Wesley saw before

*Phone call from Roger confirms that Post is behind it somehow & can't be trusted

I sighed and bit the end of the pencil. Wow. All I'd done was draw up a timetable more than anything of the facts we already knew. Scribbling at the bottom, I added:

Pryce -

Went out for breakfast. I'll be back in a few. Don't die.

Love, Summers

I grabbed my coat and went to go pick up the donuts for Wesley and shut the door behind me.

((Open to Wes))
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