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Movie Night

It was well into the afternoon by the time I returned home. Unfortunately, though both of the informants that I'd ventured out to question were both alive and well, neither of them knew a whit that was worth my time or effort about Angel and the others. I was coming home with bruised knuckles, a few notches on the blade of my new sword-cane, and even a few specks of vampire dust on the wooden stake strapped to my wrist... but with little in the way of answers.

"A huge battle", one had said. "It was like the Alamo", the second had elaborated. There was, apparently, even rumors of a full-blown dragon being sighted above Los Angeles that night. All of it were details I could have surmised sitting on the couch eating junk food with Buffy.

I'd left both informants alive and with the most strident instructions to contact me if they discovered any new information.

Unlocking the door and pushing it open, I was surprised to find the place quite dark.

"Summers? Are you here?"

Finally, I realized that the only light source-- flickering and color-changing-- was emanating from my entertainment center. The demon black market didn't only deal in esoteric magical objects and highly specialized assasin species. An occasional electronics store truck was intercepted on occasion, and on one the raids during my time away from Angel Investigations, I liberated one demon smuggler's wide-screen TV and home theatre system.

All the better to watch football over satellite with.

Buffy was sitting on the folded-up couch and the smell of popcorn was everywhere. My stomach gave an unexpected growl as I sat down beside her, laying my cane aside. She was watching my copy of The Adventures of Robin Hood.

"And how was your day?" I asked.

((Open to Buffy.))
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