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Just Fading

A One on One BtVS/Angel RPG

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Set Post "Not Fade Away", AU.

Wesley's wounds from Vail were not fatal, as everyone assumed, and he has been recovering in a hospital in Los Angeles. Buffy, feeling the pressure of being in charge of the reformation of the Watcher's Council, has been sent to the City of Angels to locate Wesley and bring him back into the fold.

The true motivations behind the New Council are unknown, as are the locations of the rest of the members of Angel Investigations.

It's up to Wesley to convince the Slayer that perhaps she has taken on more than she can handle, and up to Buffy to pull Wesley out of the depression he forced upon himself...


Buffy Summers - wiccabuffy
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - dark_wesley

This is a one-on-one RPG, but you are more than welcome to watch! The rating is anything up to and including NC-17. If you would like to leave feedback for us (since that sometimes motivates us to write quicker!), you can do so at fading_feedback by clicking the link at the top of the page!

(And if you have icons or anything you'd like to share that are anything Wuffy-related, check out the new comm wuffy_love).

From the_josscars, March 2005:

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