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Falling into Place

We managed to arrive in San Francisco without much incident, and also? Without me having to explain away my incredibly stupid "boyfriend" comment I'd made. Then, as usual, motel time. As Wesley was checking in, I walked around a bit, stretching my arms, legs... whatever, you name it. I figured after we checked in, unpacked, yada-yada, that we'd go out and get to that warehouse Giles had mentioned.

If those robot attackers came from there like he thought they did? It would be a big plus in our column in trying to solve this damn puzzle. There were just too many factors that didn't add up. Or they did, and we were missing some puzzle piece still.

Ugh, my head hurt just thinking about it.

I flipped open my cellphone - my new, spiffy, secure cellphone -- and called Wesley's dad. "Hey, it's Buffy. We're in San Fran... oh. You already knew that?"

He was worse than Wesley. Seriously. After a few minutes of lecturing from him on my position in the Council and telling me to check in with Giles more often, I reminded him that he wasn't part of the damn thing and to shove the phone up where the sun didn't shine.

Fine, it wasn't very nice of me. Sue me! I didn't have to call Daddy Dearest in the first place!

Shoving the cellphone in my jeans pocket, I nodded at Wesley approaching. "Your dad says 'hi'," I told him. "Also? He says they found Dana finally. She kept mumbling stuff in Romanian, talking with a British accent, and she spoke of demons." I paused. "Blue demons. She was taken to an institution in Cleveland, but that branch of the Council managed to get her out. Apparently even though she's insane? She's acting like she's been spending some time recently with a blue demon."

I looked at him knowingly. "You thinking what I'm thinking? Cuz right now, I'm thinking that she knows where Angel and everyone else is."

((Open to Wesley))
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