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Just Friends?

I let Wesley drive since I could tell he needed an extra boost to his ego after a session between the two of us that only lasted two hours, which I totally teased him about. Men and their egos. Honestly.

I was flipping the map upside and sideways, trying to make out exactly where we were headed and realizing that being a girl from Southern California meant I knew jack about Northern California. Trying to explain it to someone from out of state was bizarre, too. They just didn't get the whole idea that it was basically like we were two different states.

Up north, you had trees, fog, and Arnold. Down south, you had beaches, sun, and... well, old Arnold movies on cable, so I suppose some things were the same.

Tossing the map aside as I gave up, I decided to brave the OnStar system and use the GPS to see how much longer we had till we hit San Francisco. "Hey, this doesn't work... did you not pay the bills, Pryce?"

Flipping the radio stations until I hit one I liked, I ignored his annoyed look. "You still haven't told me what Giles said to you except that our newest lead about the killer cyborgs was this 'mechanics company'. C'mon, fess up."

Honestly, I actually didn't care. I was just bored.

((Open to Wes))
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