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We did what?


Ouch. My head hurt. I blinked my eyes a few times and saw next to my side of the bed was Wesley's tie that was sorta crinkled, and a belt. Um... ok. I rubbed my eyes and the brand-new headache I was getting and turned slowly to find him in bed next to me, passed out still.

Lifting the covers, I saw he had no clothes. And I was in my underwear only. My eyes shifted carefully back to the tie and the belt and it all fell into place as I slapped a hand over my eyes, tugged on the sheets and tried to cover myself up from embarrassment.

Apparently, I'd had way way too much to drink last night and Wesley and I had come back here for... 'fun'.

Well, not that we didn't have 'fun' normally, of course. Just that, from the looks of things, I'd been drunk and more... uh... 'open' to 'fun'? Oh God, no, not 'open', bad bad bad choice of words.


Ok, I needed a shower and some water and maybe ten thousand aspirin while we were at it. I crawled out of bed slowly, painfully, and saw the time. 1:30 PM. Ok, wait... weren't we supposed to be meeting Wesley's contact or whatever around two to get something from him? Secure cellphones or... UGH!

Brain... not... working.

I looked through Wesley's stuff until I came across some prescription pain-killers from when he'd been released from the hospital. Not aspirin, but it'd do. I gulped down two of them, ran around looking for my clothes - oh yay, on the floor! - and grabbed some clean ones before bapping Wesley on the head. Hard.

"Wake up!" I yelled over my shoulder as I ran into the bathroom. "We're gonna be late for our meeting and don't even mention food to me or last night or anything unless you'd really like to get a taste of what Slayer-strength can do to you!"

The door slammed behind me and I shut my eyes against the warm spray of water.

Crap crap crap.

((Open to Wes))
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