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My idea of fun


I was tempted, but resisted. At least I was developing some immunity to Buffy's wiles, at least when she was inebriated as she was at the moment. I helped her to her feet and out of the bar.

"Okie-doke, Pryce... lead the way."

Buffy was quite agreeable and pliant as I helped her to the car, bundled her in, then out and brought her into the motel room. As she looked around, apparently having expected some other, more exciting kind of surprise, her expression took on a clearly disdainful and disappointed air.

Which meant that I needed to think up something good and quickly.

My mind flickered back to the conversation that had gotten this started. Right, we'd been speaking about 'more fun' and 'different things' to do. Ideas started rolling.

Buffy watched dubiously as I began rummaging through my bag. Finally, I found something that should be fairly serviceable for my needs. Hopefully, this would go over well. If it didn't, well... then I'd just have to think of something else. Or buy her another gift.

"Close your eyes," I instructed Buffy, and after some small protest, she complied. I stood behind her and looped the one tie that I'd thrown into my duffel bag at the very last moment, just in case, around her eyes, knotting it quickly but securely behind her head. Eyes covered entirely and hair pulled back, Buffy was now entirely blind.

Stepping around Buffy and verifying that she couldn't see the hand I waved in front of her face, I leaned in and immediately began to kiss her, hard and deep. My arms circled her, and she clutched at me back, returning the kiss with fervor. Our lips pressed and parted, and our tongues met hot and moist.

After a few minutes, Buffy's hands rose, about to push at the makeshift blindfold. I took hold of them and brought them back to her side.

"No, no, no... this is the fun part." I smirked. "Do that again, and I just might have to tie these hands behind your back, Summers."

I lowered my mouth to kiss her again.

((Open to Buffy))
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