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Back to work

Wesley spent the rest of the day talking to the managers of the motel and trying to pay for the damages we'd caused. I took a quick shower, finished eating - yes, really eating - the rest of our breakfast before packing everything up and getting ready to move into a new room complete with a newer bed.

Looking at the time, I saw we had a teensy amount left before I'd have to go pick up Wesley's new cane, and so I set about to studying my notes again. At least tomorrow, we'd be getting the secure phones to contact Giles and Roger (yeah, I'd given up on what to call him, he was Roger now), so that was definitely of the good.

As for everything else? Ugh, not so much.

I began making little notes next to my first little notes while I waited for Wesley to come meet me in our new room.

*Council re-forms with Franklin Post as the top guy, Roger Wyndam-Pryce is asked to join and refuses Refuses because he knows the truth by now? But how? Is he an old acquaintance of Post? How did Post get the top spot?

*Wesley and everyone at W&H are attacked by robots, one of which looks like Roger and knows everything too Post most likely had records on Wesley and programmed this robot - did he want him dead? Part of the Council (enemies closer, yada-yada)? Why go after Angel and everyone else too?

*Dana is discovered and on my orders, Andrew & some Slayers go to get get from L.A., but are attacked before returning to Rome - Dana's whereabouts are unknown Andrew doesn't recall his attackers, and the Slayers had all returned to Cleveland after he got Dana - why would Post want Dana and not the other Slayers?

*Wesley says he placed a call for help about Fred to Giles - but Giles says he never got a call Was the call intercepted by Post?

*Big Battle in L.A., and the following are now missing: Angel, Spike, Illyria, Gunn Why? The same reason that Post went after all of them before with the robots?

*Giles finds Wesley's location and sends me to bring him to the Council How? We moved him to a secret hospital once we found him, but how did Giles discover he was still alive?

*Wesley & I find the alley where the battle took place - its been 'cleaned', & we're attacked by the same robots Wesley saw before Post's work, obviously. Were we getting too close to the truth and had to be 'eliminated'? Should we go back to the alley?

*Phone call from Roger confirms that Post is behind it somehow & can't be trusted Only thing that makes sense right now

I sighed, tapping the pen on the paper a few times. All I'd done was raise more questions and answer none of the old ones we already knew about.

"Ugh, I am so not the research-girl..."

((Open to Wes))
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