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I got out of bed slowly, and headed for the shower to quickly rinse off as I heard Wesley in the kitchen getting dinner ready. With the hot water going, I just stood there for a bit wondering if there was any possible way for me to screw up worse than I just had.

I didn't think so.

I stepped out and towel-dired my hair, quickly putting on a pair of tan slacks and a red long-sleeve shirt, brushing out the tangles in my hair as I sighed. I really didn't wanna go back out there and have to look at him with his face all sad. He'd been so happy - or at least smiling - just a moment ago and I'd ruined it with one word.


Reluctantly, I stepped back out and welcomed the smells of food from the kitchen, but I walked over to the robot instead and began poking at it. Ok, time to think.

No money. No Council. A robot I had no clue how to inspect. Possibly no place to live if Wesley kicked me out after dinner, cuz he seemed like the sort to at least let you stay long enough for that.

"Time for dinner?" I asked idly, then wandered over to where Wesley was and tried to think of something, anything to make it better. Nothing came to mind except 'sorry', and how lame a word is that to people like me and Wesley with our upside-down lives?

So, instead I crossed my arms and just nodded at him. "Um... I'll just... pack my stuff and tell Giles I'm taking the earliest flight to Cleveland. Don't worry about me, I'll be out of your hair... well, as soon as I can get something to eat, actually, if you don't mind all that much."

((Open to Wes))
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