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By the time we'd gotten back to his place, I'd gotten several calls from Giles on my cell that I'd chosen to ignore, and let the voicemail get them. The cab driver had given us a funny look when we'd stuffed the robot in the back with us, but we'd just smiled and mentioned something about a drunk relative we were taking home, and he bought it.

Good thing I'd had that superb waffle and strawberry breakfast to keep up my stamina, though. I just had a bad feeling...

I threw the robot onto the ground at Wesley's apartment, collapsing on the sofa, and waving a hand at my ex-Watcher. "Pryce, can you get me a soda or something? I'm tired." I made the cute pouty-face that usually worked on everyone, too, just in case he made a big deal about it.

Hey. He didn't have to carry that damn thing, after all. It seemed only fair!

I flipped my cell open and pressed the button for my voicemail, frowning at the three messages left by Giles. After deleting them, I sighed and closed my eyes.

"They cut me off from the Council. Well, not the Council, just their spiffy credit card. Guess Franklin wasn't too happy with the excuse I gave about why you're not back yet," I yelled to Wesley. "God, this is so not good."

It was supposed to be easy. Go to L.A., get Wesley, go to Cleveland. Instead, I'm still here with robots attacking us, trying to play detective about Angel's whereabouts, and kissing Wesley. None of which I fully understood yet.

Well, I understood the kissing, I just didn't understand the why. Ugh, nevermind.

"Hey, I can try and steal you a new cane," I offered as I waited for my soda.

((Open for Wesley))
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