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Something Cooking.....

I'd woken up earlier than Wesley cuz frankly, I hadn't gotten over my jet-lag and now my internal clock was all screwed up. Well, that and also the whole sleeping in the same bed thing kept me awake most of the night.

I was, however, starved, and sadly noticed that while we were on our grocery trip, we'd totally forgotten to pick up Cheerios. Which meant I had to cook. Yawning, I grabbed the OJ and poured two glasses - see, I'm nice! One for Wesley - and then got the eggs out.

"Bowl, bowl, umm...butter...pan..." I muttered to myself getting all the things I figured would be fine to make some scrambled eggs and then maybe toast. I mean, I used to make sandwiches for Dawnie all the time. How hard could it be to make something that required fire?

I turned on the stove and nothing happened. Seriously. Nothing. I kicked it a few times, wondering why there wasn't any "poof" noise and pretty bluish fire when I looked closer and saw it was electric. "Ugh...must be a bachelor thing."

Ok, it had sounded like a good excuse at the time to me, at least.

I took the bread and popped that into the toaster first, though, cuz - easy. Make the easy stuff first. Nodding, I turned away from it and saw that the little circle wire thingy was going from black-colored to reddish. Yes! I put the pan on it, then grabbed the eggs and broke them into the bowl.

Was there something else I was supposed to do? I didn't know, Tara was the one always cooking at our place. Shrugging, I dumped the eggs into the pan, then saw the butter at the last second. "CRAP!" I ran and cut a big piece off since I had to make up for the fact that I hadn't put any in there in the first place, and dumped the piece in.

Uncooked eggs splattered everywhere. Then came the smoke.

I turned my head to see the burnt toast and ran. "No, no, no...you were the easiest! Why did you do this to me?" And Why couldn't Wesley have a microwave like normal people? I tossed that into the garbage, then went back to my eggs. Hmmm. Looked uncooked still. I turned the heat all the way up, then tried to attack the coffee maker next.

I had to hit it a few times before finally giving up, though.

"Omigod. I can slay vamps and sling Doublemeat, but I can't make toast."

I slumped into the nearby chair and just sadly watched the eggs bubble.

((Open to Wes))
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